What is Bra size conversion?

It is a web tool to convert bra sizes from a sizing system to another.
Browsing the Bra size conversion site means you want to buy a bra,
but you don't know which size fit for you. Bra size conversion tool will help you to find out the right bra size, you just have to follow the steps below.

How to use Bra size conversion?

First step is to choose the "FROM" bra measurment system.

So you have to know your bra size in minimum one sizing system.
If you don't know your bra size, there are several tutorials, step-by-step instructions on the internet.
You just have to write "How to Measure Your Bra Size" in Google.
This step can useful for everyone because 80% of women's wear wrong bra size.
Keep in mind that certain factors can cause you to change bra size: a weight gain or loss, pregnancy, change of diet.

Second step is to choose a value from the list of bra sizes.

The bra sizes are formed from numbers and letters in all bra sizing systems,
but the meanings of them and the calculation formulas are differents in every bra sizing system and this can be confusing. That's why you have to use this Bra size conversion tool.

Third step is to choose the "TO" bra sizing system.

After choosing the target bra sizing system, the converted size will appear in the grey input box.
If you modify any parameter of the bra size conversion, the result of the new conversion will be calculated automatically.

Tips if you buy a bra without having chance to try on.

Be careful, choose the right size for you, because wearing a wrong bra can be very unconfortable and annoying.