What is Dress size conversion?

It is a web tool to convert dress sizes between measurment systems.
Browsing the Dress size conversion site means you need advice to find the converted size which is best for you.
Dress size conversion tool will help you to find out the right dress size, so you just have to follow the steps below.

How to use Dress size conversion?

First step is to choose the type of the dress (for who is made?).

So you have to know your dress size in minimum one sizing system.
If you don't know your dress size there are several tutorials which can help you to determine your dress size.
You just have to write "How to determine your dress size" in Google.
After you find out your dress size jump to the next step.

Second step is to choose the "FROM" dress measurment system.

There is listed the most used measurement systems, hope the list contains your measurement system.

Third step is to choose a value from the list of dress sizes.

The values of the dress sizes can be numbers or letters, meaning of these differs by measurement systems.

The fourth step is to choose the "TO" dress sizing system.

After choosing the target dress sizing system, the converted size will appear in the grey input box.
If you modify any parameter of the dress size conversion, the result of the new conversion will be calculated automatically.